New Journey

August 7, 2016

As Pastor Ken Nash begins as the new Lead Pastor at the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg, he shares about his personal journey in following Christ and invites all of us to look at our own stories as we pursue this new journey together.

New eyes

August 14, 2016

Have you ever asked yourself the question, "wouldn't this world be a great place if it weren’t for people?" Sometimes we all find ourselves in situations in which we are in tension with another person. Pastor Ken shares as we learn how to have new eyes to see how to love people we may be at odds with.

New Freedom

August 21, 2016

During this series, we have seen what it will be like to be on this new journey following Christ together. Last week we studied how to have new eyes to see how to love our enemies, and this weekend we learn how to live in the freedom Jesus called us to.   


New Calling

August 28, 2016

Throughout WCH: Our Next Chapter we have been discovering the many new things God wants to do within the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg. You won’t want to miss this important teaching on our new calling together as a church family. 

New imagination

september 4, 2016

Creativity and imagination were instilled within us from the beginning.  As we embark on our next chapter as a church, God will be inviting each of us to experience a new imagination together for what our ministry can look like in our future together.