Jehovah Jireh

God will Provide.  Anybody need that?  You are deficient in faith?  Call on Jehovah Jireh.  God will provide.  Lacking love?  Let God provide.  Lacking an answer to a family crisis?  Lacking wisdom? Jehovah Jireh wants your prayers.



In Week Two of Now It's Personal, we look at the most frequently used name in the entire Bible, showing up over 6,823 times.  The name is Yahweh. This is God’s most personal name.  It is actually just 4 consonants:  Yode, Hey, Vah, Hey. It is a sacred and very personal way to refer to God.


Jehovah Rapha

We get stuck, and God could leave us there—but He doesn’t.  He is healer.  He doesn’t say, “Just push through a little longer and THEN I will be there for you.” No, Jehovah Rapha comes to OUR place of bitterness and shows us a better way.

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El Roi

Chris McKenna joins us from Protect Young Eyes, a ministry focused on equipping and encouraging parents and students to use technology responsibly.

Learn more about Protect Young Eyes at: protectyoungeyes.com

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El Shaddai

El Shaddai is used 58 times in Scripture and is used most often in the book of Job.  31 times to be exact. This name means “the Almighty!”  “the All-Sufficient One!” God is bigger and better than your biggest and best thought.  And this name proves it to you.



Every single one of us carry a picture or snapshot of God in our hearts and minds that has developed over time. The picture you have of God in your mind, matters.  It matters because Your view of God impacts every area of your life.  

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Jehovah Shalom

Jesus was sent by God to provide a way for people to be at peace with God. Since he left he has been sending people like you and me to be messengers of peace, but we don’t go alone. The Holy Spirit is with us.