Be Real

October 16, 2016

People are drawn to authentic and real people. If you are going to make every day matter for Christ, you must be willing to be held accountable by other believers so your witness is genuine and real.

Own your story

OCTOBER 23, 2016

Your habits, hang-ups and hurts make you who you are. As you own your story, God will use your unique perspective in life to connect you with those who can relate to you in order for you to share your faith.

Embrace holy disturbance

OCTOBER 30, 2016

As unique individuals following the Lord together, God is going to give each of us different burdens and passions in order to reach the maximum number of people.



November 6, 2016

Christianity is about relationships. It starts with a relationship with Jesus Christ. From there, we are asked to invest in relationships with others in order to be ready to share our faith with them.


November 13, 2016

The Gospel is spread through invitation.  
If you don’t invite them to follow Christ, who will?

Apply the 10 Second Rule

November 20, 2016

Experience reveals that if you don’t obey the promptings of God within the next 10 seconds, you will find every excuse not to obey the call to invest and invite others into a relationship with Christ.


Celebration Weekend

November 27, 2016

Pastors Paul Gartley and Kevin Beers speak for the celebration weekend of our series #everydaymatters as we witness the celebration of Baptism and child dedications.