In Week One of AfterLife, we explore the concept of heaven. Many times, Heaven is described in books and movies as seeming so sterile and boring. But when we look into the AfterLife through the lens of Scripture, our hope and excitement can build in ways that cannot be described!



God wants us to have Eternal Life…with Him! But what about those who don’t believe in him?  What about those who clearly reject him?  In other words, What about hell?  And if we are honest in our questions, how can a loving God send someone to hell?


Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God is simply wherever God is king. If you are a believer who acknowledges that God is King, then the Kingdom of God is within you. The Kingdom of God is also in heaven, where God is enthroned and Christ is at the right hand of God.  But what about the idea that the Kingdom of God is here on earth? 


Big Questions?

From young kids to seasoned saints, there are 3 recurring questions that people ask regarding what happens when we die.  Miss out on the other questions regarding Heaven and Hell? Be sure to watch the first three weeks of AfterLife to get caught up on this four part series.