Angel Eyes

It is abnormal to rejoice in the midst of pain. It is abnormal to be generous. Who does that? Only weird, different, and abnormal people.


Choose Abnormal

It's normal to worry about who we are on the outside, it's abnormal to worry about who we are on the inside.


Build Bridges

To understand our identity, we live the abnormal life as Holy Priests, Bridge Builders.

Respect Authority

All of us are under authority. Why does Peter spend so much time hitting this issue? Because God knows that we are rebellious against authority.


Do Good

You and I were born with an innate sense of justice. It might not be dialed in correctly, but we all have a sense of what is just and what is right.


Love Strong


The reason why Jesus died on the cross for us was because He loved us–bottom line. It’s not hard to derive then, that with love comes sacrifice.


Suffer Well

There will simply be times that you will have trouble because of being a Jesus follower. You truly cannot expect to make Godly decisions and not feel some persecution.